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Watch Party

Good day all, I will be on 2 podcasts and a radio program soon talking about this story. I will give more details soon. The positive feedback has been great. I was pleasantly surprised to see my book for sale through Target and Walmart for roughly $25 hardcover. I can't sell you my hardcover for that price (mine is $29 shipped) but I have 400 copies in my house right now that I would love to sell to you--and, of course, I will sign them and personalize them if you ask for it. Besides Mother's Day (yes, moms like this story, too) and Father's Day are fast approaching. So buy, buy, buy. Go to my website, for a signed pb ($20) or hc ($29), thanks. Below is a link to my Wellesley Library talk back in February for your listening & viewing (lol) pleasure. It is on the story of Burn Boston Burn. Take extra care, stay well.

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