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Up on Amazon!!

My proof copy came on Friday! So freaken' exciting! I will have 400 books by next Friday.

Plus it is already for sale on Amazon. The hardcover will be available through me (in person only) or after 9/1/19 through Fire Bell in Dennis, MA (who ships). Ebook should be within the next 2 weeks and the audio book will be ready for sometime in November! I hired an excellent producer/narrator Chris Monteiro who was the voice for my friend, Dan Zimmerman's Shots in the Dark, a true story about a Boston wiseguy, Rocco Balliro. Check it out. Don't forget to get your Christmas presents for family and friends. Thanks to everyone who have provided support for this project.

Check out the following review from my editor; it was amazing!

This true-crime procedural is a well-written, entertaining, insider account of the arson epidemic that terrorized Boston for over two years in the 1980s…

Exhaustively researched, the book covers the case from start to finish. We come to understand the large cast of characters’ motivations from many complicated perspectives, often in their own words. Why they did what they did is a central theme of the book, explored without sensationalism.

Fast paced and suspenseful, the prose is taut not only as the arsonists light their incendiary devices…but also in the dogged investigative efforts that led to their arrests, and the detailed accounts of the arsonists’ trials. The author is always informative…works hard to broaden the book’s appeal to the general reader… and to convey his characters’ unique voices and physical presence.

By the end of this wild ride, the reader wants to know what happened in the decades since the case was closed and the author doesn’t disappoint. The reader is brought up to date on the main characters in an excellent epilogue.

Editor for BookBaby

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Sep 02, 2019

Hi Wayne,

Congratulations! Looking forward to a great read. Please save a hard cover for us!

Steve, Deborah & Mike Harris


Lisa Gregorio
Lisa Gregorio
Aug 31, 2019

Looking forward to reading your book.

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