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The Week Ending February 9, 2019

On Monday night, February 5, 2019 my chief supporter and confidant, former WBZ news videographer Nat Whittemore invited me as his guest to the Boston Sparks Association business meeting above the Boston Fire Museum on Congress Street. The meeting was well attended as Boston Fire Commissioner and Chief of Department Joe Finn was the guest speaker. What an excellent, informative update he gave on several department issues including the all-important efforts on cancer reduction among the firefighters! Nat provided some great information to me about some of the equipment and artifacts in the museum. It is a fantastic take, if you haven’t visited. There are so many historical items in the museum, you will be pleasantly entertained. And it is free (donations welcomed).

I was given the opportunity to speak for a few minutes to the group to introduce this website and my upcoming book. Afterwards, so many of the members came up to me to offer their support and interest in the story. Everyone warmly welcomed me into their house. I saw a few old friends from my ATF days including Revere FD Chief Gene Doherty, Boston Fire Photographer Bill Noonan (who is graciously supplying tons of photos to this site and the book), Norwood Fire’s Jimmy Flaherty and NFPA’s Bob Duval, all retired. Some of these guys I have not seen in over 20 years.

Commissioner Finn gave me his full backing on this project, especially if there was anything in the Fire Department that I might need. Also, the Sparks Association threw their full support to this book, thanks to Nat, President Paul Boudreau and his officers. At the same time, Mike Gerry of the BSA and of the Boston Fire Historical Society said that the Historical Society would also fully support my efforts. I couldn’t be more pleased and grateful for all of your backing.

Folks, I strongly suggest checking out the below websites. There is so much cool information that I never knew existed on these sites. Whether or not you are a fire buff, you will be amazed by the quantity and quality of the material on these sites.

Re-reading and re-working of the manuscript is ongoing. Another author once told me that a written book provides an opportunity to re-write it.

Many photos and remembrances of some of these fires that haven’t made it into the book will be posted soon.

Thanks to everyone who has checked out my website. In one week, there were 444 views of the site. People from New England, New Jersey, Ohio, Mississippi and Louisiana have all made new submissions. Several are old friends that I worked with from various departments and from ATF. It was great to hear from them. Please continue to pass the word.

Thanks and regards,



Photos Courtesy of Bill Noonan. Shots of Clarendon Street Church - 7/21/82

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