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Purchase Book from My Website!

My website master, Mike Clark, just placed Paypal pins on my site.

Now you can purchase the paperback directly from me if you wish @ $20,

which also covers the shipping and handling. You can also click on the Amazon

button to purchase it for $19 (which you can get free of s + h if you have Prime or

multiple purchases to get the free s + h).

There are 2 other differences besides the price. I will sign each purchase from me if that matters at all to you! I also have about 200 copies left from one printer. These 200 books have 6 dramatic color pictures, mostly from retired BFD Photographer Bill Noonan; they are black + white in the Amazon version.

A signed hardcover book can also be purchased for $29 on my site including s + h, but my

supply won't be replenished until 9/12/19. That's $3 less than the Amazon price! And the limited supply that I will have will have the color photos. The pricing of the hardcover had to be placed at $32 for Amazon and bookstores so that my compensation could be about $3.50

per book after all other parties take their cut.

By selling the books myself, I will reach profitability faster. This means that I can start donating to fire victims charities (such as the Arthur C. Luf Children's Burn Camp) and to financially assist local departments to improve their fire investigation capabilities.

Within minutes of the buttons going live, one of my Facebook friends was the first to purchase the book from me. He had previously asked for a signed copy.

Take care all, be safe,


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