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Chronicle, Updates, Book Club Discussion

A great day for Burn Boston Burn! Filmed yesterday for the Channel 5 program Chronicle to air in about 3 weeks. Contacted by National Fire Radio for a live podcast on 11/19 and Smithfield, RI Barnes and Noble is selling my book with a discussion and signing event scheduled for 2 PM, Saturday, 11/9. If you would like to attend this event, B and N asks that you RSVP so that they can put out enough chairs.

The following are book club discussion questions that I came up with on my first try. Please feel free to advise me on this through my email or via Facebook.

1. What was your initial reaction to the book? Did it hook you immediately, or take some time to get into?

2. How did you feel about the different arsonists? Did your feelings change at various points in the story?

3. What scene did you like best? Shocked you most?

4. Did we solve the entire conspiracy or was there something bigger that went unsolved?

5. What did you think of the historical tidbits and the explanations of terms?

6. Was it too detailed? Will it appeal to non-fire personnel outside of the Boston area?

7. How did you feel about the inside information supplied by Gregg Bemis?

8. Most of the book was written in chronological order, how did you feel about that?

9. Did the book change your opinion or perspective about anything (such as arson, fires, fire investigations, law enforcement work)? Do you feel different now than you did before you read it?

10. What did you like best (or least) about the book?

11. Any suggestions to improve the writing or the book?

12. How can I get this book to be a movie?

13. If the book were being adapted into a movie, who would you want to see play what parts?

14. What do you think of the book title? Could there have been a better one?

15. How about this book cover, thoughts?

16. Did I leave anything hanging, unresolved? (It’s the way I think.)

17. Did you know anything about this story before reading the book?

18. Have you ever read anything like this story?

19. Could this long-term arson case occur today?

20. Questions for me?

21. Check my website and Facebook for additional information updates.

More details to follow, Stay safe out there.


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