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Let’s celebrate. It is my 3-year anniversary since BURN BOSTON BURN came out and 1 year since I published BANG BOOM BURN. Plus, I just passed 10,000 total sales, about 9,000 of those being all formats (paperback, hardcover, eBook and audiobook) of BURN BOSTON BURN!

I never dreamed that my books would do this well. Thanks to so many of you for making this as much of a success as it is.

Now, I would like to give those of you who have not yet purchased one or more of my books a limited time discount on most formats for each book. For 10 days, from 9/15/22 to 9/25/22 the eBooks are marked down to $2.99, the paperbacks and hardcovers are all at least 20% off, all deeply discounted. You can purchase them through Amazon, but if you would like the only book with color photos & signed by me, you can only get those through my website (shipping included in price of $15 paperback, $24 hardcover).

Here are the Amazon links if you decide to go there.

Both books detail amazing true crime cases from my ATF career working guns, bombings, and arsons. For full descriptions, please see my website or the Amazon descriptions. Consider these books for gifts to the firefighter, police, investigator or true crime aficionado in your family. This is only a 10-day discount, so make your purchase now.

And, as a gift to most of you, here is the bonus chapter from BANG BOOM BURN. Scan this QR code with your phone or device. You’ll be able to download a 14-page PDF story from my first arson investigation. Enjoy, then please purchase the book.

One more thing—could you please write an honest Amazon review on the book(s) that you have read. Even if you did not buy the book on Amazon, you can still place a review there if you are an Amazon customer. Thanks again and stay safe out there.

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