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Boston Sparks/Box 52 Dinner & New Radio Show Link

Burn Boston Burn on the radio today! WRKO 680 I thought VB was so enthusiastic about my book; he named it his "Book of the Month!"…/vbs-book-of-the-month-club-493089…/

Thanks for putting my story on the air!

Last Monday I spoke before nearly 200 fire buffs and others interested in Burn Boston Burn. A great crowd. I had lots of fun. Thanks to all who purchased 140 books.

A $100 check is on its way to the Arthur C. Luf Children's Burn Camp because so many decided to round up from the $19 (paperback) and $29 (hardcover) book prices, donating $1 toward the charity. Thanks to all. It was a great public unveiling of my book.

Boston Sparks Association/ Box 52 Club photo by Mike Stoddard Thank you all for having me as your guest, much appreciated.

Stay safe out there. Please send your prayers and thoughts to the friends and family of Farmington, Maine Firefighter Michael Bell who was killed in a building explosion today.

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