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Two Podcasts/Radio Interviews in One Day!

I have talked far more than my fair share today. Over an hour each with the 2 interviewers.

They are very different in their style and questions. I think you will enjoy each program.

Please remember that your book purchases will help burn victim charities including both civilians and firefighters. I donate 50% of my book sale profits to several charities.

Check out CAT81radio--Firefighter Allan London's radio program interviewed me for his show. He is the author of The Art of Effective Communication for the Fire Officer, sold at FSP Books & elsewhere. Allan is helping get the story of my book out. Thanks, stay safe

Also, check out the Mick Donato Show; he will be posting his podcast interview with me which also happened today. During his show I had my bandana covering my mouth and nose; I was practicing social distancing, I didn't want to get any of those computer viruses. Seriously, do the right thing, you know what it will take to keep us all safe.

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