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Surprise Sales During Virus

So this is what I wrote on my social media yesterday around 2 PM:

"Checking Amazon on-line yesterday I noticed that if you order my book Burn Boston Burn, you will not receive it until May 5 due to priorities related to the virus. If you would like to purchase the book from my website, I will put your book in tomorrow's mail. You will get your signed copy in just a few days. Take care and stay safe. I'll see you all on the other side of this."

Then this is what happened:

Last night about this time, I was wondering if all of you guys were pranking me because after 2 weeks with no book sales on my website, in rapid order 12 guys ordered books, with another 8 overnight while I snored. (Plus, I had 9 sales on Amazon) Oh, I think I know, your stimulus check must have come in and you all decided to help a small business.

Well, thank you all for a good couple of days. I also hand-delivered 3 of those books to nearby buyers. All 3 are or were fire firefighters. I enjoyed speaking to a couple of you guys; the 3rd had a fire to attend to. Stay safe all. Happy reading.

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