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Speaking at BPL, Charlestown Branch

I have been trying for a while to be able to speak at the Boston Public Library about this story because this is where it all started and was centered. I finally was invited to speak and I am honored to do so. Please come see the story.

The Friends of the Charlestown Branch of the Boston Public Library present Wayne M. Miller, author of Burn Boston Burn. The book tells the story of the largest arson case in the history of the country, told from the perspective of Miller, who was former ATF Special Agent in charge of the investigation during that time. Burn Boston Burn is a true story, of a deep conspiracy, developed and executed by nine men, including three Boston cops and a Boston firefighter, all determined to wreak havoc on the city and surrounding communities. It is also a story of the relentless investigators who eventually uncovered their plot. Burn Boston Burn is a horrendous tale of political deceit and internal corruption. The book details the series and crimes that shook the city of Boston and became known as one of the largest arson cases on record in the history of the country. Free and open to all, including a book signing and reception. For more information, visit

179 Main Street, Charlestown, MA 2/5/2020; 6:30 PM

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