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So Much Going On!

So much going on!!!

Last night I spoke before 150 at MA Fire District 8 dinner. The crowd was great. I enjoyed all the individual conversations. Thank you all. Also thanks to Chief Flanagan and FSP Books.

Go to National Fire Radio. The podcast with me is up, Episode # 46. These are really nice guys. They will be doing their live On-tap podcast event next Tues, 11/19 at Jack's Abby in Framingham at 6 PM. Check with them for tickets.

Also Chronicle episode. If you can't get it from their website, below are the 4 links (they cut episode up in sections). Enjoy, please continue to spread the word about the book and for those who purchased the book on Amazon, please write a review.

Oh, yeah, the audiobook is complete. It will be live within 10 days. Remember, Christmas is only weeks away. Burn Boston Burn makes a good present.

Stay safe out there. And remember Worcester Fire Lt. Jason Menard and family in your prayers and thoughts.


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