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Kind Messages and More Cancellations

Kind Messages and More Cancellations

As I stayed inside, hunkered down writing my second book, I received the below 3 messages about Burn Boston Burn. It is heartening to hear how the story has connected with people. I really appreciate those who reach out to me or write a review.

Please stay smart and stay safe out there. And keep reading.

Check out Dan Zimmerman's Shots in the Dark, Andrew Watts War Planner Series.

I removed the names in some cases not knowing that they wanted their message to be public.

Hi Wayne, thanks for the connection. I recently ordered your book through Kindle and read it and thought it was a great read. My father, B. M., was a former longtime Asst. DA in Plymouth County. Unfortunately, he had a severe stroke a couple years back but has been making great strides. Anyway, I was recently in Florida visiting him and had just finished your book. I showed it to him and asked him if he knew you. He lit up (no pun intended) and spoke very highly about your work and your character.Long story short; I shared the book with him on the Kindle and he is now struggling but continuing to read it. Many of the references are to Codman Sq in Dorchester where he grew up. It gives him something meaningful to engage his mind and exercise it. On his behalf I just wanted to say "thank you."Keep up the good work, look forward to more. C. M.

Below is another: this person even called me to discuss the story further. What a great conversation!

Message: Wayne, I couldn't put this book down!! GREAT story. This would be a super movie, maybe while the wave of Boston crime films is still "hot" (sorry, couldn't resist)?? Maybe Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Mark Wahlberg, etc. Anyway, thanks for keeping me thoroughly entertained for a week. I tried to make it to your appearance at the Franklin MA library but had a conflict. GREAT WORK!

One more:

Message: Dear Wayne my name is ... and a fire-fighter in Bridgewater, Ma. I am wondering if you are going anywhere in the future in Mass. this year. You were around but I was not around at the time. I am NOT a reader at all and I couldn't put it down. If you do come around again I would like for you to sign my book. Thank You

New canceled events--Keep calm and carry on, carefully.

4/5-10 Ocean City, MD, IAAI (Postponed to 10/27)Wednesday, 4/15 CT Burn Foundation Stratford, CT (Postponed)Monday, 5/4, Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center Southbridge, MA Fire Prevention Association of Massachusetts, keynote speaker 1-2:30 PM (Canceled)

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