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Good evening, and Happy Thanksgiving--Holiday Book Sale.

As a fire investigator with ATF for almost 20 years plus working fires and explosions on the private side for another 17+ years, I have a close connection to both firefighters and police. Add this to the mix--my second wife's father and brother were both Captains with a city FD, and before I met her, she lived through a fire that devoured 4 three-deckers in East Boston.

As many of you know I have written 2 books about fire and explosion cases I either was the case agent or assisted on. BURN BOSTON BURN covers the investigation of a conspiracy of 9 men who burned 264 buildings in Boston and surrounding communities from 1982-84. It is an incredible true crime story that you will find entertaining and informative for investigative purposes.

My second book, BANG BOOM BURN, a collection of 21 short stories covering a couple gun cases including my case of a seizure of 46 stolen M16s, 2 horrific bombing cases, and another 14 arson cases (including 2 serial arson cases, arsons-for-profit, murder, and reverse stings). Again, this book is entertaining and serves as a teaching aid.

Please see my website for more information.

Starting on Black Friday, 11/24 through 12/1, I am reducing each book by $5. That's $25 for hardcovers, $15 for softcovers through my website only. That includes postage and I sign each book. The BURN BOSTON BURN e-book will also be on sale for .99 starting Sunday on Amazon (but I can’t sign your e-book). These books make great presents.

The stories show my connection and respect for the fire and police professions.

If you have a group, I enjoy using both of these books when teaching at fire and police seminars. My programs cover several of the NFPA requirements. Feel free to contact me via my email

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe out there.

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