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Facebook and Podcast???

Potential Facebook and Podcast Links

Happy Daylight Savings Time (to those of you who are within the time change),

I was thinking about linking this website with a Facebook page, but I don’t know anything about Facebook. I know I am way behind the times, but I have had no prior need for visibility on social media. I saw on the internet how easy it was to start Facebook, but what I don’t know is how to make it mainly for this website. I still don’t want to have it for personal use. If any of you are wizards at this, please feel free to contact me via my new email, or give me a call at 508-951-3919. I usually don’t pick up unknown calls, so please leave me a message or text me.

Another thought, I am looking into starting a podcast for this project. There are tons of stories and people to talk to about this arson case, ATF fire investigation efforts, fire investigation in general, serial arsonists or anything else that you would like to hear about. I would take requests. I may even have one of the arsonists from this case as a guest speaker. I have recently sat with one of them and had a very nice conversation with him. It was interesting and I think that you all would like to hear from him with more insight and perspective from 35 years removed from their crimes. Anybody know the ins and outs of a podcast? If so, hit me up.

Near the end of the month, I will have my first full-length speaking engagement relative to my upcoming book. I will be speaking before the Douglas (MA) Fire Department in one of their in-house training sessions (sorry, no outsiders for this one). Combined with introducing the arson case story, I will tailor the session toward fire investigation for the first responders and the actual investigators. I am looking forward to it.

Nat Whittemore forwarded another remembrance. Right now, this one has made it into my manuscript. (No new news on publishing yet.)

This e-mail is from Dan O'Neill, a life-long fire buff; graduate of BC; now retired, he worked for the Boy Scouts of America for many years. He was director of the Boston Fire Museum for many years and a long-time member of the Boston Sparks Association:

I have 2 recollections

# 1. One of the busiest nights ever for the BFD started around 11 PM with 9 Alarms in an abandoned factory in JP. I was leaving the fire, talking to Eddie Fowler, when Boston FAO struck a box for the former YMCA in Dorchester. I believe that fire went to 3 alarms.

Leaving that fire I responded to an outside fire at a tire shop on Blue Hill Ave.

While we were standing around talking prior to heading home we saw the K 7 car coming down the BH (Blue Hill) Ave. with Paul Finn hanging out the window pointing towards Mattapan Square. I believe Bill Noonan was driving. Quickly Boston FAO struck the box for a house on River Street. I believe the vacant building went to a 2nd, Sparks friend John Campbell was the District Chief. I believe he only had 1 Boston company, an Engine from East Boston, at the fire. He had apparatus from Milton, Canton, etc.

When we were on River St., with the fire KD, Boston FAO struck a box for Sydney St. As they announced "Receiving calls" we jumped in our cars and headed to Dorchester. I was following the car of Stanley Forman when he suddenly made a left turn at Blue Hill Ave. I thought he must have been told to go someplace other than Sydney St. I continued to Dorchester

What I learned later was that Stanley had Boston EMS on his scanner and they were reporting a fire at Hyde Square in JP.

As I was walking to the fire on Sydney St. I heard Boston FAO striking multiple alarms for the Cale Casio Building in JP. I also heard Monsignor Keating tell fire alarm that he was leading Cambridge E 9 into the fire on Sydney St. I believe the rear porches fire went to 3 alarms while the Cale Casio fire went to 5 or more.

I never responded to the fire in JP. I had to get some sleep as I had to work the next day.

I will try to get more info. on the fires by checking Elliot's web site.

I heard that Waltham E 8 was called by their FAO to respond direct to the fire in JP from their quarters in Waltham?

Also, an unknown buff was killed at a head on collision on the Jamaica Way near Perkins St. I heard he was heading to the JP fire.

# 2 - Not knowing about the arson ring a few of us started calling the fires as being set by "Gasoline Gomez." Someone just made up the name.

Dan O'

Thank you, Dan.

No photos this time, (just kidding); there is one below, but more will be coming soon.

This photo of the March 6, 1982 Leston Street fire was taken by one of the arsonists.The book will have a similar photo with a Boston Firefighter in the forefront taken by BFD Photographer Bill Noonan. An interesting teaching point on this comes from Douglas Firefighter/EMT and Wright Group Electrical Engineer Jeremiah Pratt, CFEI. He pointed out that if he rolled up on a scene such as this, knowing that the former dwelling was vacant, this event was most likely an incendiary fire. This may or may not be confirmed by a subsequent fire scene examination. He added that the unknown makes this fire especially dangerous. Collapse appears to be imminent, so an exterior attack would be recommended after checking for any occupants. This fire actually originated in the basement and rolled out of the front basement level windows below the front porch to the right of the front door.

Stay safe out there, thanks for being there for me,


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