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Come See This Talk at the Marstons Mills Library next week--and spread the word.

Reserve your spot for Wayne Miller Explosive True Crime Gun, Bombing, and Arson Cases from a Federal Agent’s Career. Federal Agents never know what to expect from day to day. During his 25 year career with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Special Agent Wayne M. Miller investigated dozens of remarkable and sometimes high-profile horrific gun, bombing, and arson cases. In Bang Boom Burn, a collection of 21 real-life stories, you’ll delve into cases including:

  • Undercover assignments that turn dangerous on a dime

  • A suburban house full of stolen machine guns

  • Shocking bombings that killed and maimed police officers and others

  • Strange serial arson investigations plus several white collar arson-for-profit cases

  • And, some humorous situations

These accounts show true crime enthusiasts what Federal investigators regularly face. All investigators could use this as a detailed textbook to see and feel the highs and lows, with the good and bad experienced by someone who has been through it.

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