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Check Out This News Story on the Book

Check out this news clip from Boston Neighborhood News (BNN) aired today.

From Christopher Lovett, News Director:

Great to meet you in person and have you sharing this important chapter of Boston history. Just wanted to let you know we have the interview clip posted here:

My first ever TV interview! It was fun. Great publicity for the book

📷About this website Book Explores Rash of Boston Fires Wayne M. Miller talks about his book, "Burn Boston Burn," about a series of…

I will be on WBZ AM 1030 radio Friday night 9/13) on Dan Rea's Nightside

Also, I will be on WRKO 680 @ 2 PM

I don't know whether you can read this article from this link. It comes from a half page

article in Tuesday's Boston Globe: by Emily Sweeney

The same article was picked up by MSN. I think you can see it there. Emily did a great job!

So much more than I ever expected. And it boosted sales on Amazon from a previous daily high of 18 books sold in a day to 44 sold today! And my title ranking went as high as 2616 out of 1,000,000. That's the top 1/2 % of books! Thanks to all of you. › en-us › news › new-book-‘burn-boston-burn’-loo...2 days ago - New book 'Burn Boston Burn' looks at arson ring that set more than 200 fires in ... for setting hundreds of fires in the city during the early 1980s.

Take care all,

Never Forget,


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