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Book Update

At the beginning of April I attended a Writer's Book Conference. It has given me renewed focus on making Burn Boston Burn the best that it can be. Grub Street is the biggest and best organization for teaching and supporting authors of all abilities, especially novices like me. There were 600 prospective authors in attendance. The Boston Park Plaza is a grand old hotel with a great ballroom!

Just finished a complete edit, deleted 14000 words. Going to edit again to make the book the best it can be. Getting rid of the fluff, sticking with the heart of the matter. There are so many juicy parts, there is no need for the extraneous. Planned debut Sept 1.

I have spoken with so many helpful people. old friends John DeHaan and Dave Icove, Ed Nordskog of L.A. County Sheriffs (check out This week I am meeting with author, Daniel Zimmerman (see his new book Shots in the Dark) and conferring with author Mike Foley (see Be sure to look them up if you are interested in serial arsonists, fires, Boston Fire history and technical books for your knowledge base.

I am planning a speaking tour starting in September. I would like to schedule for IAAI chapters anywhere. I already have 3 New England Chapters with interest. Possibly the ITC in Vegas next April, Boston Sparks Association, and libraries with Fire Departments. I plan to reach out to the Wahlberg's restaurant Alma Nove for the potential of having a book signing there. I think their family would have great interest in this Boston story. If you have a suggestion for a book reading, a signing or an organization that I could speak on this topic, I would be happy to hear from you.

My wife and I took an incredible free one hour tour (open to all) of the Boston Public Library. The information about the artwork and architecture was truly enlightening. Highly recommended to all from 13 to 103.

Take care, stay safe out there, talk to you soon,


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