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A different style presentation coming up next week at Westwood Library.

Check it out. Register soon at There are only 11 seats left out of 60! It will be an amazing turnout!

Wayne Miller in Conversation with Paul Sicard.

Join us for an author talk by Wayne Miller about his book, Burn Boston Burn. Retired Westwood PD Detective Paul Sicard will be leading the discussion on the book.

In the early 1980s, Boston was set ablaze. Over a two-year period, 264 buildings were torched, intentionally set on fire, resulting in millions of dollars of damages and hundreds of injuries. This is the astounding true story of the deep conspiracy of 9 men, including 3 Boston cops and a Boston firefighter, determined to wreak havoc on the city and of the relentless investigators who uncovered what was termed 'the largest arson case in the history of the country'.

Told by ATF Special Agent Wayne Miller, who lived this investigation for three years, Burn Boston Burn is a tale of domestic terrorism and internal corruption. This story details the series of crimes that shook the Boston area by interweaving the activities of the arsonists with those of the investigators, the firefighters, and the citizens of the region. Agent Miller had interview access to each conspirator and an arsonist's journal that provided that basis for chilling insights into their words, actions, and thoughts.

Wed, September 6, 2023, 6:30pm - 8:00pm


Islington Branch - Wentworth Hall

Registration is required. There are only 11 more seats available.

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