Explosive true crime gun, bombing,
and arson cases from a federal agent's career

In his second book, Wayne M. Miller explores some of his most remarkable and high-profile horrific gun, bombing, and arson cases spanning his 25 year career in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. 

In Bang Boom Burn, you'll delve into cases including:

  • Undercover assignments that turn dangerous on a dime

  • A suburban house full of stolen machine guns

  • Unbelievably shocking bombings that killed and maimed

  • Arson investigations with a variety of suspects and motives

  • And, some humorous situations

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“Realistic, revealing and entertaining … more true life than true crime. Required reading for anyone in law enforcement."

KEVIN CULLEN, Columnist for The Boston Globe, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Co-author of The New York Times bestseller Whitey Bulger


Burn Boston Burn

Wayne Miller's first book is set in the early 1980s while Boston is set ablaze. Two hundred sixty-four buildings were burned intentionally set on fire, resulting in millions of dollars in damages and hundreds of injuries. This is the true story of the deep conspiracy of nine men, determined to wreak havoc on the city and the relentless investigators who uncovered them. Told from the perspective of the head ATF Special Agent in charge of the investigation, Wayne Miller, Burn Boston Burn is a tale of political deceit and internal corruption. The book details the series of crimes that shook the city of Boston and became known as one of the largest arson cases on record in the history of the country.

Black Friday Sale Prices

Softcover $15
(originally $20)

Hardcover $25
(originally $30)

These prices include United States shipping. Outside the US, prices vary according to postage.


About the Author

Wayne Miller was a Special Agent, Criminal Investigator and Certified Fire Investigator for the U. S. Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for 25 years. He has been involved in numerous high profile criminal cases involving illegal firearms, bombings and arsons. He was also a member of the ATF National Response Team, responding to major fire and explosion incidents. For the past 17 years, in the private sector, Mr. Miller has been a fire and explosion analyst for the Massachusetts - based Wright Group, Inc. ​


During his career, Mr. Miller examined more than 2,300 fire and explosion scenes, responded to over twenty-five major incidents, as well as testified as an expert in more than forty cases in Federal and State courts in civil and criminal cases.