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This Wednesday, November 4, is the 40th anniversary of the day Massachusetts voted in Proposition 2 ½, that tax cutting measure that limits property taxes to 2 ½% of the value of the real estate property. It was the same day Ronald Reagan became President.

Even more interesting about that day, the eventual loss of 600 Boston firefighter positions (out of 1700) and the closure of 22 fire companies because of Prop 2 ½, motivated Mr. Flare and the Friday Night Firebugs to set the first of their 264 structure fires. Their domestic terrorism rampage went on for 2 years, causing hundreds of injuries and millions in losses.. To learn more, check out Burn Boston Burn-The Largest Arson Case in the History of the Country.

Oh, by the way, that same date was master arsonist-to-be, Gregg Bemis’ 20th birthday. His contributions to this story make it seem like fiction, but it was only too real.

I know it’s early, but the book makes a great Christmas present for aficionados of true crime, fire, police, and criminal and investigator insights. You can get it on Amazon and other online markets, but if you buy it through my website, I will sign your book and personally mail it to you.

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