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Publication Set for First Week of September!

As exciting to me as the publication plans are, please let me first apologize for being

absent for the past several weeks. I am not a good social media person.

I was concentrating on completing 2 more personal edits of my manuscript (5 full edits in all), cutting out some 25,000 words in the process. On the advice of several nice people who were willing to pass along advice, I kept trying to streamline the book, trying to make it better and better.

On Thursday, I sent the manuscript to BookBaby, a top-notch full-service self-publishing company. After a brief foray into the traditional publishing route, I decided it was not in my DNA to wait 12-18 months for any success. A full line edit is presently being conducted.

In about 2 weeks, I should have the revisions in my hand for review.

Everything is proceeding fine. I have been meeting with numerous people and organizations who are all assisting in various ways. It has all been very exciting.

I put the podcast on hold to concentrate getting out the book. On 9/9/19 The Boston Sparks Association plans to host a "coming out party" for Burn Boston Burn at Florian Hall in Boston. Please check their website for further details as the time gets closer. I will be putting on a presentation. Sales of the book will be involved.

The book will be available in soft cover, hard cover (I love hard cover books with 1000 in my personal library) and e-book. It will be sold through several entities, further details to follow.

I also have speaking engagements in Wisconsin next June, most likely the MA IAAI in January, Reno, NV in February, and planning to be at the IAAI in Las Vegas in in April 2020.

I am working on many, many more appearances around the country.

If you know of a book group, library, college, fire buffs, police or fire organization that would like to host a book reading or presentation, please feel free to reach out to me. Also, please pass the word along through your social media and contacts. It will help make the book a success.

Remember, 50% of my book profits will be going to fire victims and fire investigation.

More to follow soon, as this project is moving along at warp speed. I only expend 4-8

hours per day to get it done.

Stay safe out there,

Thank you all for your support,



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