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Help Me Write My 2nd Book

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my friends and maybe someday to be friends, I sure hope you are being safe for yourself, your family and your country. This is the most unusual time in your life, make your days count and be extra kind and patient. We all have our own story and some hardship, in 1 form or another, some far worse than others. We are all in this together.

This virus is giving me a good time to write my second book. I would like all of you to contact me via my email, if you have any information or know of someone who might have some story they can relate to the following people: Charles Gallant (Boston, Walpole 46 machine gun case) Richard Hart (Chatham Seafood Exchange fire) James Dix (South Shore, Holbrook God & Country Serial Arsonist) Ruth Lizotte (Rutland, VT; acquitted of arson murder) Timmy Roberts (Northeast Kingdom arsonist) Bombing death of BPD Officer Jeremiah Hurley Arson of High St Westwood rental house (2 schoolteachers acquitted of arson) Dr. Barry Lehman (Marblehead, acquitted of arson of a house in Dover, MA) Lance Lalumiere (Jefferson NH arson case) Taunton, MA Greek Restaurant attempted arson Lebanese Bakery arson (Quincy, 2 arsonists died) 1990s Lawrence Arson Task Force Stephen Klosieski (Walpole, MA guns, drugs, murdered in FL) I would say that's enough to keep some of us busy. I would absolutely appreciate any & all info; if you desire, I would credit you in the book. I learned from Burn Boston Burn that there was more info out there that I didn't learn about until after the book was completed. All of you that have friended me or accepted my request have been great so far. Thank you for that and in advance, for any assistance you may offer.

God speed to you all.

Look at the Boston area map below. I have pinned the first 107 fires set by the Burn Boston Burn arsonists; it shows just how busy they were!

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