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Gifts for DADS & GRADS plus calling for all footage from 1982-83 fires for possible future film use

Father's Day and graduations are here. Burn Boston Burn makes a great gift for your Dad, son, father-in-law, any first responder, fire buff, or true crime buff. If purchased thru I will sign the book and if you request it, I will personalize it. And I mail them. Otherwise, it is also available through FSP Books, Amazon, Target, and Walmart on-line. (But I can't sign them.) Also, remember that 50% of book profits are going to burn victim charities. Also, there is some interest to get this story to film. My agent would like as much film/video as possible to get to the interested party. Of course, they will pay for use and credit you. Any

assistance will be much appreciated. Please contact me thru my email

Thank you so much. Please stay safe out there.

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