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Forty Years Ago Tonight

Another 40-year fire memory from the BURN BOSTON BURN investigation. It was 40 years ago tonight that 3 arsonists invaded Fitchburg (MA), setting 4 massive multiple alarm fires, a night unlike any other in that city. And someone nearly died that night, and it wasn't by fire. Those who have read the book know the story. And those who haven't read it, wouldn't you like to know what happened?

Go to for your signed copy of this or my newest book, BANG BOOM BURN, a collection of 21 true crime gun, bombing and arson cases. It's not too early to buy these for Christmas presents.

Also, if you would like me to present to your group, there are many teaching and entertaining points from these books that I love to pass on to the next generations of investigators. Just let me know via my website email. Thanks, and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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