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Five Great Events in A Week!!!

Success and a great time in Nevada--It is certainly a long day to and from Reno, but I had a great time meeting so many firefighters and investigators from the western part of the country.

The training was excellent. I sat through the 2 days of speakers who had great presentations, then it was my turn. The class of over 70 listened attentively to the Burn Boston Burn story.

But the most fun was catching up with old friend, John DeHaan and getting to talk with new friends, investigators/authors, Ed Nordskog and Joe Konefal. We exchanged so many stories and lessons; it was a blast. Thanks to those guys, plus Gary Morgan & the NV Chapter for hosting me. I won't forget this trip!

May you all have future successes and stay safe out there.

Last Saturday at my hometown Franklin Library there was an amazing 46 people who came out to listen to my story. Thanks to you all, including my neighbors and Police Chief Lynch.

Mansfield Library was equally fun with over 20 active and retired firefighters among the crowd on a Tuesday night.

I also wish to thank the Metro Arson Group and the Metro Fire Chiefs for hosting an event for me. Both days had over 35 enthusiastic members present.

Although I have another 21 events on my schedule, please consider having me as a speaker/presenter for your group. I can customize my presentation for your particular needs, from telling the Burn Boston Burn story as entertainment or training using the many points from the story that every first responder and investigator could use. I can speak for 1 to 8 hours. Just hit me up via to discuss this further.

Take care all and stay safe out there.

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