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FANTASTIC REVIEW from a man who has been there!!

This is what my friend, Ricci Ruschioni, retired from Winchendon FD, sent to me about my newer book, BANG BOOM BURN. What an awesome review!!

If you can also put these reviews on Amazon, I would greatly appreciate it (even though it was not purchased through Amazon, as long as you are a regular Amazon customer)

"Honestly, I am a huge fan of the original Law & Order show. You have documented and written each chapter like a script from a Law & Order show. Your book is extremely well written and I love the fact how you ask the readers what they think about certain cases. EXCELLENT read and I would highly recommend the book for fire investigators, especially from the smaller towns. Your book isn’t only about experiences and cases you had, it points out some extremely important aspects on conducting origin and cause investigations. Thank you for all you have done and sharing these incredible cases with us."

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