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Enduring the Badge Podcast

Hi, everyone,

Please read this message from Jerry Dean Lund, producer of the podcast, Enduring the Badge. Many in the first responder field would appreciate the messages from his nearly 50 episodes. His interview of me was different from any I have participated in before. Thanks, and look for another message from me later today about my anniversary book sale and giveaway.

Hi Wayne,

Thank you so much for guesting on the show. I had a great time chatting with you and I learned a lot from you. All the best!

You may check our episode at the following platforms below:

Apple Podcast


Google Podcast



You can view and share our graphics, pictures and videos regarding our episode here:

Please share our episode to the world so we can help more people. Also, don't forget to give as a Rate and Review here:

Best regards,

Jerry D. Lund

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