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Cool Book Reviews from Early Readers!!

It arrived today and I’m already on page 80- many thanks, including the personal inscription! (R.S. 9/19/19)

I just finished your book and loved it. I read Busy as Hell 1 & 2 by Mike Foley, and got your book right after. Your book was so well written and kept me reading. I finished it in 2 days. I didn’t want it to end. I hope you write more. Thank you for sharing such an amazing part of your career. (T.T. 9/20/19)

Just finished the book Wayne, it was an absolutely epic read! I had no idea the extent of the arson ring until I read the book. Very well written! (M.B. 9/24/19)

I am just about to finish the book. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! Had my heart racing many times!! (J.S. 9/24/19)

Just finished it and loved every word! Outstanding recap of "the Summer of 82" and the investigation that brought it to an end. Well done! (J.D. 9/24/19)

Nice job Wayne. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction! (M.H. 9/24/19)

I'm reliving those events, so much I did not know or I have forgotten...over 35 years can do a job on your memory... gives me nightmares on what could have happened. (W.N. 9/24/19)

I bought the book at Florian hall last week. Getting into the nitty gritty of it right now. Fantastic job, hard to put down. (M.M. 9/24/19)

I don’t get to read much, but this was an AWESOME book. Multiple times my heart was racing as I put myself in the shoes of the investigator. (J.S. 9/29/19)

This is my First Amazon Customer Review! My thanks to Shannon M. Drake.

5.0 out of 5 stars “Captivating!” September 15, 2019 Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase “Perhaps the most amazing documentary of what transpired in Boston in the 1980’s. I distinctly recall the news reports but never imagined the extent of what really occurred. Thank you Wayne for doing such an amazing job.”

This is a copy of the threat letter sent by the arsonists to WBZ-TV. Read more about it in the book.

Stay safe out there, my friends, talk to you all soon,


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