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Behind the Shield Podcast with James Geering

Today, this podcast episode went live. James Geering is a hardworking public servant (firefighter) who wears many hats including creating over 300 episodes of his podcast.

His aim is to help others who have to deal with their jobs and life, the physical and the mental aspects. Please support him and check out the line-up of great topics and speakers.

He is a gentleman who cares. It was great conversing with him. He chose to highlight

Burn Boston Burn to help get the word out about this story and my book.

"This week's guest on the Behind the Shield Podcast is ATF agent, arson investigator, and author of Burn Boston Burn by Wayne Miller. We discuss his journey into law enforcement, the human cost of budget cuts, investigating line of duty deaths, the mental toll of investigation, and much more. Do NOT miss this powerful interview!!" . Listen to Wayne Miller - Episode 309 by Behind The Shield on #SoundCloud Stay safe out there. Do your job to support this country and its people. Be strong.

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